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Adventure Capitalist 2

Adventure Capitalist 2 (2)AdVenture Capitalist 2 is online flash game in which you will be able to become an unbelievably rich man and taste “big money” life. Start you your business empire from small and unnoticeable lemon shop, and lead it to the point when there is absolutely no need to even think about work. Start you journey to the vast world of economy, where knowing of how to do your business, is more important that choosing your starting point. So, we can surely say that at an appropriate enthusiasm in AdVenture Capitalist 2 game you will get a chance to become a real capitalist! Earn as much money as possible to buy everything you desire: supercars, expensive villas, factories and plants. Dominate in international market, purchase latest improvements for your business and try to maximize your profits to unbelievable levels. AdVenture Capitalist 2 is about the extra

power of human greediness and unstoppable human thirst for money saving. You long way to capitalist peak you will start from small, simple lemon shop. So everything, as always, begins from lemon sales- your purchase some lemons, make lemonade and sell it at profit. You keep doing this until enough capital is gathered to move on and increase your business family with another strategic business unit- why not get into newspaper delivery business? Yet, it`s a bit difficult to consolidate several different businesses, which rises the need for manager, who would be responsible for the process of homemade lemonade preparation . This will give you free time to do something else far beyond newspaper delivery. In the end, by the gaming process you are destined to become the head of Oil Company and get quinquadragintillions of money. Sound pretty nice ha? And that starts from lemons. Try yourself in the role of entrepreneur and make your fortune!

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